Tweaked Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

TheWholeRuth Tweaked Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


Tweaked Mediterranean Quinoa Salad: Quinoa (1 cup), red pepper (1), Persian cucumbers (2), olive oil (3 tbsp), juice of a lemon, fresh parsley (two handfuls), dried oregano, cumin, freshly ground coriander & black pepper, sea salt, and tons of paprika thanks to Alyson Roux who showed me too much is just enough. Thank you, Alyson, for the original recipe! My tweaks to it were:

Instead of arugula- baby kale (6 handfuls) , instead of scallions- purple onion (1/2 cup), instead of kalamata olives- tapenade (1/2 cup). And I added fresh garlic cloves (2), raw sauerkraut juice (1/2 cup), & two slices of chopped rice bread that I didn’t want to waste. I didn’t have flax oil, but I added chia seeds (2 tbsp) & chopped walnuts (1/4 cup) for omega-3 fatty acids. Yay! #yum

Also, all of these measurements are guesstimates. Go crazy! You can’t get it wrong. If you make it, I’d love to hear how you tweak it!

Original recipe by charming & grounded health coach @alyroux. Check out her site for more recipes and delicious knowledge!

Hotdog Salad on a Crate

thewholeruth hotdog salad on a crate


Hotdog Salad on a Crate? After an hour and 45 minutes of physical therapy? Yes Please, and Thank You. ‪#‎grateful‬ ‪#‎crateful‬

It’s organic, all beef, grass-fed, kosher hotdogs chopped and sautéed with a bunch of onion, topping a salad with sauerkraut, mustard, red & green peppers, tomatoes, apple cider vinegar & olive oil, basil, fresh ground pepper, dried parsley and if I had dill, I would have dumped dill all over it. So it’s a hot hotdog on a fresh salad. To me, it’s similar to a Chicago-style hotdog without the bun, and about the same size too.

French Fries Tacos, with a side of French Fries

FRENCH FRIES TACOS. WITH A SIDE OF FRENCH FRIES. Shane just invented the Tastiest Thing. #MexicanPrimantiBros #FrenchFries
FRENCH FRIES TACOS. WITH A SIDE OF FRENCH FRIES. Shane just invented the Tastiest Thing. #MexicanPrimantiBros #FrenchFries

Shane just invented the Tastiest Thing. French Fries Tacos, with a side of French Fries! It’s like Mexican Primanti Bros. And it’s so freaking delicious:

French Fries Tacos

Makes 2 tacos for 2 people. Or 4 tacos for 1 people. Or 3 tacos and one for tomorrow, for one person.

What you need?

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Christmas Beans

The Whole Ruth Christmas Chili Beans

For cousin Heather 🙂

Christmas Beans:

I don’t measure anything or time it really. So trust your instinct and play knowing that you can’t get anything wrong. I mean, I’m sure that’s a possibility, like if you read “bean” as “cat”, but in general, it’ll come out tasty.

For the beans in this recipe (and the photo), we made three crock pots of beans to feed a lot of people. If you only want to make one pot, use 1/3 of everything. But I recommend making a lot of beans for one person, too, because then you can freeze it and have it ready for later. That’s how Dad taught me. These are his beans, by the way, just tweaked with whatever was in Shane’s mom’s kitchen. Which is kind of my Dad’s rule of thumb: use whatever is there or whatever you feel inspired by. Continue reading “Christmas Beans”

Leftovers Soup: Good Improv Show

13.6.8 TheWholeRuth Leftovers Soup Improv
Teamwork: it’s what’s for dinner.

A post-dinner post from Saturday, June 8, 2013

Today we made soup with all of the ingredients left in our fridge. We felt very accomplished because tomorrow we get our box of veggies for the week and this soup allowed us to use all of this week’s food to the very last drop! Nothing went to waste! (Well, nothing ever goes to waste, organic food wise, because scraps or neglected foods go straight into the compost bin. But its nice when the food goes into our belly instead!)

I love the challenge of coming up with a meal with whatever is left in the fridge. It feels like an improv show where your audience is just the refrigerator. And although refrigerators aren’t much for feedback, they are great at suggestions. “Does anyone have a suggestion of what we can eat for dinner tonight?” Here is what our seemingly oafish, but always helpful refrigerator yelled out (You can make the fridge have any voice you want, but mine sounds like The Big Guy Who Works At A Moving Truck Company Who Would Also Help A Grandma Cross The Street):

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A Pair of Sandwiches

#veggiesandwich #prettycolors #totallygonnafallapart"
#veggiesandwich #prettycolors #totallygonnafallapart
#beet #notaburger #beetjuice #notblood"
#beet #notaburger #beetjuice #notblood”

Veggie Sandwich: brown rice bread and all organic avocado, mushroom, red pepper, tomato, swiss chard, olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, & non-gmo dill

Grapefruit Hummus & Beet Sandwich: brown rice bread and homemade hummus (organic garbanzo beans, organic olive oil, sea salt, splash of lemon juice, *organic grapefruit juice, tahini, organic garlic clove), non-gmo dill, and (the rest is organic) avocado, tomato, red onion, raw apple cider vinegar, & olive oil

*Please note that we only had one drop of an older lemon in the fridge so we opted to gamble on grapefruit juice… because all the other hummus ingredients were already in the blender and grapefruits were the only citrus in the house. We only squeezed in a little, and still added the old lemon drop. And we couldn’t tell the difference! Guess why, either we: Continue reading “A Pair of Sandwiches”

That Feels Delicious #3: Dad’s Basil Polenta

• Breakfast: 8oz Green TJs juice, splash o organic TJs apple juice, 1/4 org cucumber, 1 large banana, 6 org baby carrots, 20 raw hazelnuts, water

Swim: 18 doggy paddle laps, paddle board scissor kicks & V legs out & in, tread water, limp from shallow to deep 4 times

• Lunch: Daddy’s Basil Polenta aka Tuesta Polenta (the basil plant is named after my friend Jose Tuesta)…

Boil water, add cornmeal (3 to 1), turn heat to low, whisk for 1 min, then stir constantly & evenly w/ a spoon, for up to 20 min, until congealy/ more gets pulled by spoon as you stir. Add salt & fresh basil. Optional: olive oil or butter. Pour into casserole dish with lid & put in fridge to cool.

Lunch was a cube of polenta with Daddy’s beans & his mushroom marinara.

• Snack: 5 org baby carrots, 4 slices org cucumber, 4 slices org Roma tomato, homemade hummus…

1 can chickpeas (chickpeas, water, salt 380 mg), 1 org garlic clove, fresh squeezed lemon juice, tbsp tahini, fresh ground peppercorns & sea salt, dash of cayenne, tsp olive oil, blended with potato masher

I forgot to write down dinner…


That Feels Delicious #2: Quinoa Caprese

Swimming is coming along swimmingly 🙂

• Breakfast: 8 oz green juice, banana, 1/4 organic avocado, 5 organic baby carrots, 14 raw hazelnuts, water, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm! (Dad bought some without me asking! Yay Daddy!!!)

17 laps doggy paddling, scissor kicks & V kicks on the blue floaty thing, Russians in the deep end holding onto & facing the wall, standing on right leg: arabesques, Peake & out to the side, kick front, then limped walking around, squats on side of pool.

• Lunch: Daddy’s Chili Beans, 1/4 org avocado, 1 thick slice beefsteak tomato, bit o minced shallot, cracked black peppere, 1 basil leaf off Jose Tuesta, sprinkle of turmeric, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm!, all wrapped in Alejandro brand flour tortilla

24 oz. Brita water

• Snack: 12 oz. peach juice & 2 slices organic polenta

• Dinner: organic quinoa, tomato cubes, org garlic glove, shallot, 1/4 org avocado, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm!, cracked black pepper, sea salt, TJs pasta seasoning, org turmeric spice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 2 basil leaves off Jose T.

• Snack: Peanut butter cookie Larabar, 16 oz. Brita water

• 2 Cold Eeze cherry zinc lozenges (zincum gluconicum 2x, corn syrup, glycerine, natural flavors, sucrose)