That Feels Delicious #3: Dad’s Basil Polenta

• Breakfast: 8oz Green TJs juice, splash o organic TJs apple juice, 1/4 org cucumber, 1 large banana, 6 org baby carrots, 20 raw hazelnuts, water

Swim: 18 doggy paddle laps, paddle board scissor kicks & V legs out & in, tread water, limp from shallow to deep 4 times

• Lunch: Daddy’s Basil Polenta aka Tuesta Polenta (the basil plant is named after my friend Jose Tuesta)…

Boil water, add cornmeal (3 to 1), turn heat to low, whisk for 1 min, then stir constantly & evenly w/ a spoon, for up to 20 min, until congealy/ more gets pulled by spoon as you stir. Add salt & fresh basil. Optional: olive oil or butter. Pour into casserole dish with lid & put in fridge to cool.

Lunch was a cube of polenta with Daddy’s beans & his mushroom marinara.

• Snack: 5 org baby carrots, 4 slices org cucumber, 4 slices org Roma tomato, homemade hummus…

1 can chickpeas (chickpeas, water, salt 380 mg), 1 org garlic clove, fresh squeezed lemon juice, tbsp tahini, fresh ground peppercorns & sea salt, dash of cayenne, tsp olive oil, blended with potato masher

I forgot to write down dinner…


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