That Feels Delicious #2: Quinoa Caprese

Swimming is coming along swimmingly 🙂

• Breakfast: 8 oz green juice, banana, 1/4 organic avocado, 5 organic baby carrots, 14 raw hazelnuts, water, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm! (Dad bought some without me asking! Yay Daddy!!!)

17 laps doggy paddling, scissor kicks & V kicks on the blue floaty thing, Russians in the deep end holding onto & facing the wall, standing on right leg: arabesques, Peake & out to the side, kick front, then limped walking around, squats on side of pool.

• Lunch: Daddy’s Chili Beans, 1/4 org avocado, 1 thick slice beefsteak tomato, bit o minced shallot, cracked black peppere, 1 basil leaf off Jose Tuesta, sprinkle of turmeric, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm!, all wrapped in Alejandro brand flour tortilla

24 oz. Brita water

• Snack: 12 oz. peach juice & 2 slices organic polenta

• Dinner: organic quinoa, tomato cubes, org garlic glove, shallot, 1/4 org avocado, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm!, cracked black pepper, sea salt, TJs pasta seasoning, org turmeric spice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 2 basil leaves off Jose T.

• Snack: Peanut butter cookie Larabar, 16 oz. Brita water

• 2 Cold Eeze cherry zinc lozenges (zincum gluconicum 2x, corn syrup, glycerine, natural flavors, sucrose)

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