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I believe in honesty, hilarity, vulnerability, strength, kindness, encouragement, creativity, trust, health, balance, peace, and following one’s passions in life.

In 2009, I fell on black ice and hurt my spine.

The Whole Ruth was created as a place to keep all the things I was learning as I became whole physically and spiritually again. My spine is much better, but my spirit is still working its way back to me. I’m excited that what I learned on this path-turn has only made me more curious and the learning has continued to continue. And although the path turning felt like I was off-track for so long, after walking through this foreign, magical jungle, I think it’s really a short-cut to wherever I was headed in the first place.

I hope you are healthy and sparkling as you read this, or if you are currently healing, that it comes swiftly and with priceless lessons, and I hope this site brings you at least a piece of the joy it has brought me.

Noochie Goosey 🙂

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Ruth blogs about her passion for food & healing, her curiosities and her whole self, which tends to be anything that’s uncool to bring up at parties: gardening, periods, mental illness, poverty, injury, sex therapy, codependence, healthy eating, poop, avocado tree hoarding, feelings in general, and honesty. She hasn’t actually blogged about periods yet, but does always bring it up at parties.


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Good Little Gut Monsters: Probiotics, Sanity & Babies

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Earth by David Marioni from the Noun Project

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