Leftovers Soup: Good Improv Show

13.6.8 TheWholeRuth Leftovers Soup Improv
Teamwork: it’s what’s for dinner.

A post-dinner post from Saturday, June 8, 2013

Today we made soup with all of the ingredients left in our fridge. We felt very accomplished because tomorrow we get our box of veggies for the week and this soup allowed us to use all of this week’s food to the very last drop! Nothing went to waste! (Well, nothing ever goes to waste, organic food wise, because scraps or neglected foods go straight into the compost bin. But its nice when the food goes into our belly instead!)

I love the challenge of coming up with a meal with whatever is left in the fridge. It feels like an improv show where your audience is just the refrigerator. And although refrigerators aren’t much for feedback, they are great at suggestions. “Does anyone have a suggestion of what we can eat for dinner tonight?” Here is what our seemingly oafish, but always helpful refrigerator yelled out (You can make the fridge have any voice you want, but mine sounds like The Big Guy Who Works At A Moving Truck Company Who Would Also Help A Grandma Cross The Street):

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That Feels Delicious #2: Quinoa Caprese

Swimming is coming along swimmingly 🙂

• Breakfast: 8 oz green juice, banana, 1/4 organic avocado, 5 organic baby carrots, 14 raw hazelnuts, water, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm! (Dad bought some without me asking! Yay Daddy!!!)

17 laps doggy paddling, scissor kicks & V kicks on the blue floaty thing, Russians in the deep end holding onto & facing the wall, standing on right leg: arabesques, Peake & out to the side, kick front, then limped walking around, squats on side of pool.

• Lunch: Daddy’s Chili Beans, 1/4 org avocado, 1 thick slice beefsteak tomato, bit o minced shallot, cracked black peppere, 1 basil leaf off Jose Tuesta, sprinkle of turmeric, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm!, all wrapped in Alejandro brand flour tortilla

24 oz. Brita water

• Snack: 12 oz. peach juice & 2 slices organic polenta

• Dinner: organic quinoa, tomato cubes, org garlic glove, shallot, 1/4 org avocado, big ol’ handful of ORGANIC KALE! MMMmm!, cracked black pepper, sea salt, TJs pasta seasoning, org turmeric spice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 2 basil leaves off Jose T.

• Snack: Peanut butter cookie Larabar, 16 oz. Brita water

• 2 Cold Eeze cherry zinc lozenges (zincum gluconicum 2x, corn syrup, glycerine, natural flavors, sucrose)

Stories from Aunt Ruth

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Food Glorious Food


Mama went from 148 lbs to 125 lbs in 3 months eating this way. Her doc also took her off of her mood stabilizefood glorious food r, Zyprexa, as we started the diet. Over the last 3 years, Zyprexa made her gain ALOT of weight and it raised her blood sugar levels to a near-diabetic state. She lost 12.5 lbs the first month of this diet, mostly due to the medicene change. But continues to lose 2-4 lbs per month with the lifestyle change!  Her blood sugar and her BMI (Body Mass Index) are in the normal range again!

I had gained a few extra pounds on my trip to Utah and LA.  Nana’s cooking is tasty, but not good for the waistline, and Becca eats healthily, but in portions for a calorie-burning yoga instructor, not a motionless spinally-injured me.  After eating according to this paper for 2 months, I lost 7 lbs and am back at my high school weight! (Except in high school, it was all muscle, where as today, I’m still weak. But one step at a time…)

*There’s one change we made to the diet, drink your water separately from your meals.

**And since starting my nutrition program at the beginning of August, my diet has changed even more. But I thought this would be a good start for Clara. Food, Glorious Food