Research Reminder #14: Amish cancer rates

How do Amish cancer rates compare statistically to non-Amish? I’m wondering about how much less chemicals they are around than people who use electrical machines… If u can’t use a dryer, you don’t touch dryer sheets (even though I use a dryer and can’t afford dryer sheets…)… And they would be exposed less electro-magnetic radiation without the use of cell phones and wifi computers and microwave radiation in microwave ovens. I know they don’t always abide by their own rules, but I’m still curious…

Research Reminder #10 Read “You Can Heal Your Life”

I was talking to a friend yesterday about his passion for the book he is currently reading, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. Seeing as that is what I’m trying to do, I am very appreciative of the suggestion.

We got around to talking about destiny and free will and I felt like I was finally able to articulate how I feel about the two.

I think they are one in the same and we are walking in both through our lives. I think that we have a destiny and I think we have the free will to follow our heart and if we truly listen to our hearts, they will let us make the choices that lead us to our destiny.

I think I was supposed to get hurt so I could leave certain negative situations I was too weak to walk away from and because I knew there were answers I wanted to find about nutrition and health and if I hadn’t been pushed to find them, I would have ignored a piece of myself that is very real. I’ve learned so many other things since getting hurt that are invaluable. I’m still learning and even when I’m better, I’ll be learning. Each day is adventure! The days can seem negative or positive, but I think all the decisions I make lead me toward something so much bigger than I am, something beautiful, and so they, in turn, are party of the beauty as well.

Research Reminder #9 Read “The Whole Soy Story”

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Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN, is THE WHOLE NUTRITIONIST®. She earned her PhD in Nutritional Sciences and AntiAging Therapies from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, is board certified as a clinical nutritionist (CCN) by the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists in Dallas and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Weston A. Price Foundation. As a clinical nutritionist, she specializes in digestive disorders, women’s reproductive health issues, infertility, and recovery from vegetarian and soybased diets.

Dr. Daniel is the author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food (New Trends, March 2005), which has been endorsed by leading health professionals, including Kilmer McCully MD, Doris J. Rapp MD, Jonathan V. Wright, MD, Russell Blaylock, MD, Larrian Gillespie, MD, Joseph Mercola, OD, Debra Lynn Dadd and Larry Dossey, MD, who called it “science writing at its best.”

Comfortable in front of radio, television and live audiences, Dr. Daniel has been “media trained” by Joel Roberts, formerly cohost of KABC, Los Angeles’ most highly rated talk radio program, who calls her a “class A entertainer” and a “naughty nutritionist” with the ability to outrageously and humorously debunk nutritional myths.” Dr. Daniel has been extensively quoted in major newspapers and magazines, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail, Glamour, Utne Reade and Alternative Medicine, and has appeared as a guest on NPR’s People’s Pharmacy, the Discovery Channel’s Medical Hotseat and ABC’s View from the Bay. Online her book has been featured prominently on , the world’s leading natural health and dietary website. She has also appeared as an expert witness before the California Public Safety Committee and the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences.

Research Reminder #5: Hormones

Which foods have hormones (testosterone, estrogen) in them?

So far I’ve heard: Almonds and soy have estrogen, Walnuts have testosterone, Dairy, Meat, have hormones. And i just had a friend say she thinks sweet potatoes have hormones, but I looked up a quick bit on it and it’s not true unless we have labcoats in the kitchen… here’s what I found

This article also came up while looking for an image and looks interesting!