Research Reminder #10 Read “You Can Heal Your Life”

I was talking to a friend yesterday about his passion for the book he is currently reading, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. Seeing as that is what I’m trying to do, I am very appreciative of the suggestion.

We got around to talking about destiny and free will and I felt like I was finally able to articulate how I feel about the two.

I think they are one in the same and we are walking in both through our lives. I think that we have a destiny and I think we have the free will to follow our heart and if we truly listen to our hearts, they will let us make the choices that lead us to our destiny.

I think I was supposed to get hurt so I could leave certain negative situations I was too weak to walk away from and because I knew there were answers I wanted to find about nutrition and health and if I hadn’t been pushed to find them, I would have ignored a piece of myself that is very real. I’ve learned so many other things since getting hurt that are invaluable. I’m still learning and even when I’m better, I’ll be learning. Each day is adventure! The days can seem negative or positive, but I think all the decisions I make lead me toward something so much bigger than I am, something beautiful, and so they, in turn, are party of the beauty as well.

3 thoughts on “Research Reminder #10 Read “You Can Heal Your Life”

  1. oh girl…I didn’t realize you had such an elegant way with words. Your writing truly touches the heart. Ahhhhh….THANK YOU for sharing this with me. THANK YOU THANK YOU…I feel so honored you shared with me also. By the way I LOVE the BLOG TITLE…You rock girl. I am sending you a big hugg and a bunch of prayers!!!!! xoxo


  2. Ruth — this is lovely! I couldn’t agree more. I think when we listen to our hearts and make decisions, it keeps us moving downstream. Downstream is so nice…

    Here’s to you and health!!! :L )


  3. Ruthie,

    This book really gave me so much to chew on and I have gone back to it again and again. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Looking forward to hearing your reactions as you work through it. I use the affirmations often and they have made an incredible difference. Here’s to you and your growth!

    Love and Joy,


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