That Feels Delicious #1: Peachy Keen… wa

I decided to write down what I eat from time to time, to share and also to remember. But today is an odd day to start because my meals are total misrepresentations of my “norm.” I’ve never had what I ate for breakfast & dinner before. And I had a chicken burrito on a flour tortilla which I may not have had since 2001? Nonetheless, my yummy meals today…

• Breakfast:
Creamy, filling, yummy despite the garlic Smoothie made of:
1/2 an organic avocado
Big banana
2 stalks celery
Maybe twenty hazelnuts
4 organic baby carrots
Organic garlic clove
Cup of green TJs juice (has spirulina, broccoli, chorella, & a bunch of other stuff like nectarines)
1/2 cup TJs peach juice (100%)
1/2 cup TJs cranberry grape juice (100%)

Had at least an hour of sun
After my swim: 24oz Brita water

• Lunch:
Organic chicken drumstick, baked with turmeric, TJs pastry seasonings (onion, garlic, lemon peel, basil, paprika, fennel, ginger, lemon oil, black pepper, thyme) organic oregano, rosemary, cayenne, peach juice

Shredded in an Alejandro tortilla hot off the olive oiled comal, with fresh tomato, shallot, organic avocado, a leaf off the basil plant, 1/2 organic garlic glove, fresh cracked pepper, seasoned rice vinegar

Water: 24oz

• Snack:
Apple pie Larabar

• Dinner:
Dad’s Peachy Keen…wa
3 tablespoons maple syrup reduced with TJs peach juice (which has apple, grape, & other stuff)
1 peach sliced & warmed in sauce
Drizzled over quinoa
Topped with walnuts

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