Microwave Babies

My friend Simon said babies taking nine months to be made has always stayed the same. He likes that it’s something that can’t go faster. What if there was a machine that made time not take as much time? It would essentially make everything go faster, which seems like what we want, but it also makes something happen faster that we don’t like- age.

That is what I believe we give up when we go faster: years of our lives. Either because stress shortens life or some gadget or ray or chemical that makes things faster also makes us sick and die sooner. I believe we can’t truly go faster, but we can go for longer than we are taught. Healthy life expectancy is longer than 60-80 years, it’s 100-110. God gives us more time because it takes that long to go at a healthy pace.

We can get more out of life though, by going deeper. By facing our scary insides, growing through our fears and confusion and living more vivid, deep, connected, honest lives, instead of running so fast from thing to thing, fearful of a healthy pace that lets us see the truth.

The truth is- this whole thing sounds like a sex joke. Longer and deeper are better than faster. Which is not always true when it comes to sex.

Avocados are a virtue

I’m bringing the guacamole to the party… in 13 years!

This is the 100 year old avocado tree in our back yard. Beautiful.
This is the 100 year old avocado tree in our back yard. Beautiful.

I just found out that it takes 5-13+ years for an avocado tree grown from seed to bear fruit! Whoaholymybatmanthatsalongtimegoodness!

That made me realize that if we all understood how long it really takes for nature to move, for a tree to run it’s natural course, and we were the specific person that tended to that tree for all of those years, we would respect them in a totally different way. If I cared for a tree for 12 years and it got sick and died that year, the year before it fruited, I would be so attached to it at that point that I would weep.

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