3 Things I Learned on Tuesday: Part 1 Debt

Dollar Cleveland TheWholeRuth 5.15.13
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1) Donald Trump’s companies have filed for bankruptcy 4 times.

While reading the highly trustworthy and classy Examiner, maybe for the first time, and without knowing how I ended up there, I saw a link for an article about people going from riches to rags. I hesitated to click on it because I didn’t want to give any energy to stories about people who finally made it somewhere and then lost it, thinking that I may read something that would make me anxious later. But I clicked it anyway and it wasn’t very scary or life-changing, just people’s natural ups and downs, some from being frivolous, some from injuries, some from negative life events who bounced back even higher… But Donald Trump’s story gave me new perspective. I was shocked to find out that four of his companies had filed for bankruptcy, because they were millions, sometimes billions of dollars short.

I’m short. By inches. And debt wise, I’m barely making it each month, but I am. I sometimes think about how filing for bankruptcy would be helpful, but then I think, “No, no, you can pay back that $15,000 and if you didn’t, the world would end.” Continue reading “3 Things I Learned on Tuesday: Part 1 Debt”

Duck Banter

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#nosyneighbor #statefarm #wherearethetrannyhookers #hollywood #potsibilities

The other day, while I was home working, I heard a man and a woman arguing outside. Like really yelling, back and forth, with the speed and intensity that only a couple that has been together for a while could organically volley. Being a good neighbor, I went to the window to be entertained, and/or make sure everyone was all right. And there was a tan man, probably 5’10” with gray hair, fit, with a thin woman, who was shorter than him, with dark auburn hair, and he was saying, with complete sincerity, “Yes, I love you, but you’ve been pushing for a long time, and now I WANT TO PUSH THE CART!” And he was pushing a red shopping cart filled with garbage bags filled with recyclables down the very center of our street.

Ha! This homeless couple, who may be thin from hunger or Meth, seemed like a pair of ducks who mated for life, and despite the actions they were taking, their words were said in the exact same manner that any middle class sweet pair of ducks would argue. I loved it.

It makes me wonder if incredibly rich people banter in the same way too. “Yes, I love you, it’s just that your space butler/chaeffuer/secretary has been managing the family business for the past hour and I want MY space butler/chaeffuer/secretary to manage the business now!” Or whatever incredibly rich people may argue about. Maybe they will come have a conversation outside of my window and I’ll find out.