Green Cinnamon Ginger Surprise

15.3.12 The Whole Ruth Green Cinnamon Ginger Surprise

Green Cinnamon Ginger Surprise. Surprised me bc I’m not sure what it tasted like, other than YUMMY. One and a half big bananas, maybe 16 blueberries, handful of kale, two dumpings of cinnamon, half a small avocado, three slices of ginger with the peel on, blended. #mmm

Lemon Ginger Cucumber Water

15.3.5 TheWholeRuth Lemon Ginger cucumber Water

Lemon Ginger Cucumber Water tastes like springtime! Organic sliced ginger root, cucumber, & lemon… gives water a chance to dress up 🙂 

This tastiness comes with vitamin C, immune strengthening, increased nutrient absorption, anti-inflammatory-ness, vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin B7, and antioxidants.