The life’s work of these two men, [David Bowie & Alan Rickman] for me, represented the ying and yang of everything I have ever wanted to be as an artist. Works that were universally emotive and meaningful without losing a sense of fun and wonder. Works that never took themselves too seriously. Works that didn’t give everything away…

Our job as artists is not to convince, it is to inspire.

To inspire curiosity, to inspire thought, to inspire learning…Support things and people that inspire. Strive to inspire yourself.

Jessica Berson

What a beautiful poem.

“…A chunk of dirt thrown in the air breaks to pieces.

If you don’t try to fly,

and so break yourself apart,

you will be broken open by death,

when it’s too late for all you could become…”

I am currently in love with breaking myself apart. I have only sipped the fearlessness of doing this, but I like the taste of it.

Read the whole wise thing here: Be With Those Who Help Your Being by Rumi