Good Things

This could also be called Temporary Pessimism: A Doorway to Reality & Growth or Complaining.

I was feeling very discouraged on Friday, June 6, 2014. I was confused about how to crawl out of the financial hole I’d created from being injured for many years and how to do that while simultaneously pursuing my acting career and still continuing to heal.

I needed to write a bio for the program of a small staged reading show we were doing at an old 1860’s opera house in Delaware. I wrote out a shiny-sounding paragraph of things I’d accomplished. I read it.

I hadn’t lied. They were all true things. But the words painted a picture so different than what my life has actually been. And wildly different than what I was currently feeling and going through.

I decided to write an All True bio. It was very cathartic to write: Continue reading “Good Things”