Rusty Glass

Shane said, “How strange that glass can sit in water and not rust.”

Which made me think… Yeah! How strange. And metal makes up swords and is considered much stronger than glass, but water does nothing to glass and eats away at metal.

I hope to be more like glass than metal. To be too fierce or stuck in my ways, to never bend and not have balance as a result of it, is to be like metal. I may be able to “handle” large problems through panic, pushing them away, or fighting through them. But the simple flow of small hardships, ones that come consistently with life, would corrode me.

I wouldn’t deal, or wouldn’t know how to deal, with them. It may be scary to think that I need to treat myself more delicately in times of great stress, or set up my life so that I come into great stress less often. But to accept that I am vulnerable, to let myself shatter when stress happens, is to accept the reality of being a healthy human.

Heat applied to glass can melt it back to its old form. Being warm and loving with myself after I shatter can do the same. If metal breaks, heat can heal it too. But it will still rust in water. And glass doesn’t have to worry about that.

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