The Five Seasons Hotel

I received these words on August 31st, 2009 from the Pacific College of Oriental medicene in NYC. That is the acupuncture school where I received treatment for three months from my dear Vera in Chicago. I transferred my info to the New York school before we moved, but alas, I never made it there. I did, however, make it to their newsletter emailing list…

Late Summer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine our bodies and our selves reflect the natural world we live in. Being in harmony with the seasons increases health and well being.

Late summer is considered a separate season in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the middle of the Chinese calendar, late summer is a transition time between the expansive growth of spring and summer (yang energy) and the more quiet inward nature of fall and winter (yin energy). It has been said that it’s almost as if time stands still for a moment, as at the instant when a pendulum reverses its swing. This moment between the seasons creates a window of opportunity for us to center ourselves, strengthen our core selves, and support our health for the coming season.

This is a great time to support the stomach and digestive system, which are at the center of our health, allowing us to take in nutrients that support us, and regulating and harmonizing the effects of seasonal extremes. Foods that support the center are often mildly sweet, yellow or golden, and roundly shaped. Millet, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, ginger,, and small amounts of beef are excellent seasonal choices. Limit excessive raw vegetables and fruits (especially citrus) and dairy products (except goat milk) as late summer turns to fall.

Late summer is an ideal time for centering, simplicity, and quiet reflection. It is a great time to “digest” your experiences so far this year, sorting through which experiences are nourishing and should be assimilated and learned from, and which you can let go of.

Regular exercise keeps the qi and blood circulating, keeps reflection from becoming excessive (worry and obsession), and supports smooth transitions through the seasons and emotions.

It makes me very happy that Shane is coming to visit during this season.  He is my yin.  I haven’t seen him since April 15th.

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